منتدى ابناء مدينة غبيش
مرحباً بكم فى منتدى ابناء مدينة غبيش نتمنى من الله ان تجدو الراحة والمتعى والاستفاده القسوى

Everything from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and even generatinWAFA Te Complete Encyclopedia g

اذهب الى الأسفل

Everything from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and even generatinWAFA Te Complete Encyclopedia g

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Everything from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and even
generatinWAFA Te Complete Encyclopedia g


The reason the story of the elephant - what Muhammad ibn Ishaq said - that
Abraha Sabbah was Njashi factor king of Abyssinia on Yemen saw people Etjhezwn
days season to Mecca - honor God - and built a church in Sana'a. He wrote to
the Negus "I built you a church was not built like her, and I'm not even
finished spend pilgrimage to the Arabs," he heard the man from Bani Kinana
night فدخلها.
Vltkh accepted Baladhirh. Abraha said that Ajtro this? Was a man of the people
that house heard what he said. Abraha swore to Asern Kaaba even Ahedmaa. He
wrote to the Negus tell him so and asks him to send him Bwilh. And had Phil
said to him Mahmoud never seen bones and body and strength. He sent it to him.
Went Abraha walking to Mecca.
I heard Arabs so Voazmoh and saw they really struggle. King went out of the
kings of Yemen,
said to him with a turnoff. Vqatlh. Vhzmh Abraha and taken captive when he
wanted to kill him told him a turnoff, O king, do not kill me and Astbakny,
good for you, Fastbakah and Oth. Abraha was a meek man. Fassar even if the DNA
of the country's output Khath'am him Neville bin Habib Alkhtama, and met him by
the Arab tribes. Vqatlohm Vhzmanm Abraha. He took Nfela, O king said to him, I
am your guide land of the Arabs, and two hands on the national listen and obey.
Fastbakna better for you. Fastbakah. And went out with him guide him on the
road. When he passed in Taif came to Massoud bin Mattab in men of Thaqif. O
king said to him, we are your servants. We send you massage. فبعثوا him the father
of Mughal sire them. Went even if was Palmgams died Abu Mughal, who stoned his
grave. Abraha sent a man from Ethiopia
- said his black bin مفصود - on the front of the horse and ordered the raid on yes people.
Black gathered the funds campus. And hit Abdulmutallab hundred camels. Then
sent a man from donkeys to the people of Mecca,
said inform Harivha I did not come to fight but I came to demolish the house.
Hence, he said Abdulmutallab. Abdulmutallab said: what we do to be convicted. Disclaim
between him and what came to him. This is the house of God. House mistress
Ibrahim. Stop him is his home and his wife. The breach between him and so sure
of what we might. Said he went with me to the king - was a turnoff friend of
Abdul Muttalib - came to 'O The turnoff Do you have vocals came down to us?
Said singing man walking is not safe to kill morning or evening, but I will
send to Anis Groom elephant it my friend We فأسأله to increase your risk when the king. Sent
him and said Abraha Mr. Quraish asked permission from you. Came You Nesb not
nor contrary to the order, and I would love to give him. Abdulmutallab was a
serious man in particular. When Abraha أعظمه saw and honored. And hate to sit with him
on his bed. That sits underneath it. Fell to the rug called him Vogelsh him.
Asked him to return his two hundred camels from his stricken. Abraha said to
Torgomana Tell him you were liked when I saw you. The Zhdt Vic. Said no? Said I
came to the house - is your religion and the religion of your fathers, your
honor and Asmtkm - to Ohedma. Did not call me in and talk to me in two hundred
camels? I said the Lord of the camels. House and his employer prevent him from
you. He said what was to stop him from me. You said that. Ordered Bablh
responded. Then he went out and told Quraysh news. And ordered them to disperse
in coral and Athrzoa in the tops of the mountains, fearing they Maarat army.
And they did. Abdulmutallab came home. He took a ring the door and make say
Oh Lord, do not wish them Swaka Lord Vamna them and Hmaka
The enemy of the house returned AKA P stop them and that يخربوا
He also said: One are not prevent trip and Halaleh Vamna Hlalk
Not Agbann their cross and their shops غدوا Mhalk
Dragged جموعهم and their country and the elephant to Lisboa Aialk
If you Tarkhm Okaa we now ordered what seemed to you
He then went on some of those faces with his people. Abraha became
Palmgams prepares to enter. And mobilized his army. And created it. Elephant
turned to Neville. He took his ear. ابرك said Mahmoud. You in the country of the
Holy Mosque. Fabricated elephant Fbosoh refused. Vugeoh to Yemen, so he jogs. And Ugeoh to
Sham did like it. And Ugeoh to Orient and he did so. Vsrvoh to campus
fabricated. The out Neville intense until ascended the mountain God sent by sea
birds with each bird three stones. Hjeran in his legs and stone in its beak.
When Gshet those who sent them. Did not pour those stones one but perished. Not
all people infected. Went the rest of Harbin
asking for - 36 - Neville to show them on the way to Yemen. Fmaj in each other. Falling
by all means and destroy on all manholes. God sent Abraha's disease in the
body. They made, until his fingers were falling to Sanaa, such as Chick. And
even cracked his chest died from his heart and then perished.

The birth of the Prophet

• Abdullah married and the father of the Prophet peace be upon him safe Bint
Wahab bin Abd Manaf bin flower sage; eighteen years old, it is that time of the
best women of Quraish and noblest proportions created. As he entered carried
Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and he traveled and his father Abdullah
subsequently trade him to the Levant Vadrkih death city (Yathrib), which refer
to the Levant, and was buried there when his maternal uncles built Adi ibn
al-Najjar, and that was after two months of pregnancy mother safe by peace be
upon him.
The father died the Prophet peace be upon him, and did not leave money only
five camels and nation (or right). As has duration of pregnancy and gave birth
peace be upon him Mecca supervisor in the twelfth day of the month of March of
the elephant, who agrees Year 571 from the birth of Christ Jesus the son of
Mary, peace be upon him, the year in which the king of Abyssinia attacked Mecca
the تتقدمه
Army elephants intending to demolish the Kaaba (the Sacred House) God Vohlkhm.
The birth peace be upon him in the house of his uncle Abu Talib in the
people of Bani Hashim, any homes gathered in one spot, and he called his
grandfather Abdul Muttalib (Muhammad) was not this name commonplace as that of
the Arabs, but God inspired him he agreed that what was in the Torah of the
Annunciation prophet who will come after Jesus peace be upon him the name of
the name-Sharif, because it came in the Torah that is explicit in the gospel
prophet apply descriptions fully applicable to the Prophet Muhammad peace be
upon him: the name, or lawful words translated this name, as it came Annunciation
peace be upon him on the lips of Jesus, peace be upon him his name, Ahmed, has
been named Ahmed also named Muhammad, peace be upon him.
The interviewed peace be upon him healing or Abdul Rahman bin Auf and
Hadhanth Umm Ayman Baraka Abyssinian nation his father Abdullah, has stated in
the hadeeth that peace be upon him was born circumcised, and also stated that
his grandfather Abdul Muttalib ختنه seventh day of his birth, which he called
it ..
• Born Messengers peace be upon him people Bani Hashim in Makkah in the
morning on Monday, the ninth of the month of March, for the first year of the
incident elephant, but forty years ago of King Chosroes أنوشروان, and agrees
that twenty or two April 20 Year 571 AD as achieved World Mohammed Suleiman
Mouncorvory great God's mercy. Ibn Sa'd that the mother of the Messenger of
Allah, peace be upon him said: what generated out of Faraji light lit up his
lack of Sham. Ahmad, recaps and others close to it. It was narrated that
harbingers mission occurred at birth, and she fell fourteen balcony of Iwan
Kisra, and subsided fire that worshiped the Magi, and Anhedmt churches around Lake Sawa
after Gadt, narrated by al-Tabari and Bayhaqi and others. and has no
attribution fixed, did not witness has a history of those Nations with strength
Join reasons.
As his mother bore him sent to his grandfather Abdul Muttalib Tbashrh
granddaughter, came jubilantly declared and entered the Kaaba, God called and
thanked him. And chose his name Muhammad and this name was not known in the
Arab and for ختنه on the seventh day, as the Arabs were doing.
The first of breastfed nursing women, after his mother prayed God upon
him week parents Mulap Abu Lahab milk I have said to him the: Emsrouh, and had
breastfed before Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib, and was breastfed after Abu Salamah
ibn Abd al-Assad Makhzoumi

Revelation safe and claim - as people talk and God knows best - that Amna Bint
Wahab or Messenger of Allah upon him was speaking:
They came from, when she was conceived Messenger of Allah peace be upon him,
was said to her: You have loaded by Sir this nation, if signed into Earth
Vcoli: Oaivh the One, from the evil of every envious, then namesake Muhammad.
felt when he took out light saw lack of Bosra, from the land of the Levant.

Ibn Ishaq said: Yahya related to me Saleh bin Ibrahim bin Abdul Rahman bin Auf,
Yahya bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman bin Saad bin Zaraarah Ansari. Said: Tell me
you want from men national Hassan ibn Thabit, said: God, I Ghulam Afh, I'm
seven or eight years, wiser everything I heard, I heard a Jew loudly Otma
Yathrib: O Jews, Even if they met him, they told him: Woe to you? said: pollen
night star Ahmed, who was born
• inform his grandfather at his birth mother may Allah bless him and
what he does with it
Ibn Ishaq said: When set by his mother peace upon him, sent to Jiddah
Abdulmutallab: it has been born to you boy, his death see him; Votah looked at
him, and told him what she had seen when she was conceived, and she was told
it, and ordered him to call.
• Farah grandfather Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his petition
nursing women
Arguing that Abdulmutallab took him, went into the Kaaba; so he calls
God, and thank him what gave him, and he went out to his mother the Vdfh.
Sought to messenger of Allah upon him Alrdaa.

Breastfed - peace be upon him

• breastfed peace be upon him his mother after birth, then breastfed Thuwaiba
nation uncle Abu Lahab days, and then came to Mecca women from the desert
seeking children يرضعنهم order known from parents Alrdaa by usually oversee the Arabs,
they were paying their children to women Badia يرضعنهم there until grow up to Alndjabh and
magnanimity and strength of purpose, Fajtert to breastfeed peace be upon him,
among these women (Halima) girl Abi Dhu'ayb Saadia; of Bani Saad bin Bakr tribe
Hawazin that were their homes Balbadah near Mecca, I took him with them after
she consulted her husband (Abu Kabshah) which requested that God makes them a
blessing, have won God hope in Him and instead Beefhm Yousra, FDR her breast
after it was her milk is not enough of her son, and rotate Naguethm even
Ohbathm after all that was not Ngném, and after they arrived at their land was
flocks come upon them Chaabaaa heavy with milk that their land was infertile in
that year, and continued in Jerbarakh for existence, peace be upon him,

When supplemented his two dismissed Halima through breastfeeding, and then
brought him to his grandfather and his mother and Kelmthma in her return and
keep it then a Vozna to do so.

His childhood and youth

• I registered historical references irrigated isnaads connected to all
stationary sources since the era of the Prophet peace be upon him and his
companions, God bless them - details the emergence of the Prophet peace be upon
him, and passed by the events during childhood and boyhood, recalled those
sources that peace be upon him After Dath took breastfeed Fads, where the
custom of the Arabs to pay for their children to Bawadi women living breastfeed
children in the desert even grow up on eloquence, and common sense, and
physical strength.
The Root sources precursors that occurred to Halima and her husband
since that solving their new baby - Muhammad peace be upon him - as a turning
unchanged from hardship to ease, has become Hathm lean management for coffee,
and even Halima itself became her nipples مدرارا to milk it baby Prophet peace be upon him
, and other so-narrated Halima sources said.
The boy remained with Halima until he was five years old, and they
returned him faint of reality occurred to him, an incident of his chest. The
two kings Jaouah peace be upon him is between boys playing Vokhmah and rip his
chest and thrown his heart and Gslah in containers then Oaadah misplaced Valtim
wound if nothing had happened, and when he told the boys and those peace be
upon him this incident to Halima and her husband Khava it fearing severe they
decided returned to his family Mecca, but what amounted to six-year-old boy
until his mother died safe, serving his upbringing by his grandfather Abdul
Muttalib when he reached the boy eight years and two months and ten days
grandfather Abdul Muttalib died sponsors moved to his uncle Abu Talib, remained
Pknfe until reached forty years. The peace be upon him in the first of his
youth working in grazing sheep the Quraish dirhams they give him what it is
years prophets before him.

Incident of his chest

After the return of Fads its peace be upon him from Mecca to Diyar Bani Saad
months, sent God Malkin claw chest Sharif and disinfected, Fujdah peace be upon
him with his brother through breastfeeding behind the houses, Voddjaah and rip
his chest Sharif and Tehrah of luck devil, and that was part without tidal nor
machine but was in a state of paranormal habit, then Otbakah, went so brother
to his mother Halima and told her the news, I went to him and her husband
Fujdah peace be upon him Mentqa color effects of horror, Valtzmth Halima and
embrace him her husband even went by branches, Vqs them the story also told
them his brother. Has brought this incident when Halima and her husband for
fear it, which just make matters for fear that a group of Christians turkeys
were seen, with Aftlboh them to go by the king, was afraid it survive then,
back him peace be upon him to his mother and told her the news, and left him
then with what they were it cautiously on him staying with her.

Have learned that God has Akram Al Fads that breastfed peace be upon him, and
instead Beefhm easier and sate Gnimathm and Turn ضروعها in lean and intensity, as Park Almighty in
Rizk uncle Abu Talib when he was in his bail, with tight with his hand, and
that He is The Almighty was making fun of him nebula shade him alone from the
hot sun in traveling to Syria, going with him because I walked pace without
other members of the convoy. The Almighty inspires right and guide him to
Makarem and virtues in all his affairs, so that when he went out to eliminate
the need for a youngster after all people do not even see.
The Almighty honor him to hand over the stones and trees, and hear
Viltvt his right and left do not see anyone.
The scholars were Jews and Christians - monks and priests - know the
time of His coming peace be upon him, which came from the descriptions in the
Bible and told him Christ Jesus the son of Mary (PBUH) They were asking for his
birth and his appearance has known many of them when they saw the same noble or
heard Bosafh and conditions blessings upon him.
He grew Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him an excellent perfectly ethics, متباعدا a
youngster about nonsense that runs by his ilk in the Age usually, until he
reached the amount of men was more likely people with reason, and Osahhm
opinion, and the greatest generosity, and believe them recently, and the oldest
secretariat, and them away from obscenity, The title of his people (Secretary),
and they placed him and deposits, savings.
The keepers of God since its inception from the ugly conditions ignorance, and
regardless to their idols so it youngster was not swear and do not respect them
and bring her feast or celebration, and was not eating things sacrificed on the
monument, and the monument is stones were Ansabonha and pour them blood
sacrifices and worship .
It was peace be upon him Lin side come to the poor, not degraded poor because
he is poor, and Ehab property of his own, did not drink alcohol with the
prevalence in his people, nor commit adultery nor steal nor kill, but was
committed to morals that basis honesty and loyalty.
Wholesale and keepers of God shortcomings and Aladnas before prophecy as
Esme after the prophet.
And was wearing a turban and shirt and pants, and Atzer dressed Bakish of
cotton, and possibly wearing wool and linen, and put on socks and slippers and
maybe walked without them. And rode horses, mules, camels and donkeys. And he
slept on the bed and sometimes on the mats and sometimes on the bed and
sometimes on the ground at times, and sitting on the ground, and يخصف his
shoe, (ie Ikhrzha and repairs) and patched clothes, was taken from the sheep
and the slave of slaves and slave as needed. It was a gift of food not refund
exists and do not cost missing.
Characterized peace be upon him qualities did not meet the one before or after,
not how he was the best and most honorable people when God Almighty. It was
peace be upon him eloquent people, and Oazbhm words BETA performance, and
Ahlahm logic even if his words to take بمجامع hearts and captivate lives, to see him so
both heard.
And if spoke spoke words separated shown, prepared by Elad not Bsria
does not save, nor words unbroken do not realize the listener, but a gift which
completed a sacrificial animal, as described by the mother of believers Aisha
saying: (What was the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him lists Srdekm this ,
but he was speaking words between separate Athfezh of sat him) agreed.
And proven in ((correct)) from Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him that
the Prophet peace be upon him, he said: (sent concise speech) and was often
restores speech three times to understand the listener and Aaklh him, In Bukhari
the Prophet peace be upon him that: ( When he spoke the word, returned three
times, even understand him, and when he comes to the people who greeted them,
him three times).
The peace be upon him long silence does not speak except in hopes
reward, and if spoke opened his and اختتمه remembrance of Allah, and brought words of
separation is not بالهزل, to Aziadh the statement to be and Atgosair, not obscenity when
not bashing, but smile peace be upon him was smiles , and very be laughing look
Noajzh, was laughing than him laugh, and wonder what astonished him.

The crying peace be upon him of the genus smile, it was not crying
Bashhik not raise voice, also did not smile Bakhgahh, but his eyes were tears
even Thmla, and listen to his chest wheezing, was peace be upon him sometimes
sobbing mercy for the dead as tears in his eyes for the death of his son, and
sometimes cry out of fear for his nation and compassion, and sometimes
overflowing eyes of fear of God, he wept as he read it Ibn Masood may Allah be pleased
with him (NISA) and ended up saying Almighty so how about if we come from each
nation a witness and We bring you (O Muhammad) [women: 41].

Ouattara was crying nostalgic and loving tribute to the greatness of the
Creator Almighty.

What we have mentioned, we came upon the qualities peace be upon him the
tip of the iceberg Ihzareth article or book, and alluded to it a lesson for
those who wanted to mention or wanted thankful and thank God first and foremost


Was among the Arabs remnants of Alhanifip which they inherited from religion of
Abraham, were with - what they shirk - cling things correct inherited children
from parents Capra for capper, and some were more adherent to the some, but was
wide of them - and they are few - recovery and rejects what it was her people
from polytheism and idolatry, and eat dead, female infanticide, and so of
habits that are not authorized by God, did not come out proceeded Hanif, and
was of that denomination paper bin Nawfal and Zaid bin Neville and our Prophet
peace be upon him, which excelled all other peace be upon him Batzalh people to
worship and reflection in Hira, what is the experience peace be upon him in
this regard, this is what we will stand for in the following article: The
Prophet peace be upon him meditating since childhood what it was his people
worship pretentious and false illusions, which did not find a way to itself,
has not been accepted in his mind, because of what God has surrounded the care
and attention not to other human beings, leaving his nature serenity, alienated
from everything that is not what Aftrt.
This case, which was peace be upon him led him to retire from his people
and worship of God, and dear God to worship away from the eyes of his people
and what they were acts of worship false, and illusions of false, was taking
his food and drink and go to Hira as was proven in the modern agreed that peace
be upon him said: (bordered bhraa months ...) and Hira is laurel small mountain
light two miles from Mecca, was inhabited by days and nights with the number,
spends his time in the worship of his Lord and reflection with around scenes of
the universe, which is is not reassuring to his people from the false doctrines
of polytheism, and perceptions flimsy, but not his hands through clear and
specific approach to reassure him and pleased.
His choice of this isolation and drop people some time of reasons
created by God for him to be prepared to expect from great thing, and great
task to be performed by, a reporting message of God to all people and require
the wisdom of God to be first down the revelation in this bay.
This is what was ordered worship Allah bless upon him,, retiring his
people and they were acts of worship and customs, has been surrounded God بعنايته and
sponsorship, and maneuvered his reasons prepared to carry the message to all
the worlds. In a situation which we apply it says in the right Moses PBUH {To
make the eyes (Taha: 39) It is the setting for a great thing overwhelmed
mountains carrying it, she Secretariat, which was preparing to carry them to
all the people, to be a witness against them the Day of Judgment, investigation
meaning {and we bring you a martyr on Hola (Nahl: 89) Vdzah God for his nation
and the worlds best reward, and raised him under the shade on no shade but His,
and thank God.

Beginnings of Revelation

That is the story of the beginning of prophecy and the revelation to the
Prophet peace be upon him for the first time, and this was in September in much
of the night, God said: (month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran) and
said: (We sent down on the Night of Power) has reported ahaadeeth that it was a
Monday night before the dawn comes.

Since much of the night is the tendon of the last ten nights of Ramadan, has been
scientifically proven that Monday in October of that year but had occurred the
day atheist twenty has reported that his prophecy peace be upon him but began
night the twenty-first of Ramadan in the year one Forty of his birth peace be
upon him a consensus on the tenth day of the month of August in 610 AD at the
age of peace be upon him, as that forty lunar years and six months and twelve
days, which equals thirty-nine calendar years and three months and twenty-two
days was his mission at the head of forty solar year.

Period of revelation and then return: The revelation has ceased after after the
first coming in the Hira As previously lasted this interruption days, has left
the Prophet peace be upon him the severity and depression and sadness, but
interest was in this interruption, went by branches, and proof of command, and
prepares for the possibility of such above a while back, and got him Alichow
and wait, and take the expected advent of revelation again. The peace be upon
him had returned from when the paper bin Nawfal to Hira to continue its
neighborhood in a raid, and serve for the remainder of the month of Ramadan,
when he finished the month of Ramadan was his side came down from Hira morning
surprise November to return to Mecca by his habit.

Said peace be upon him when he Astbtnt Valley - any entered in the
stomach - was addressed, I looked at my right hand and did not see anything and
looked for north and did not see anything and I looked forward and did not see
anything and I looked back and did not see anything, raising my head and I saw
nothing, if the king, who came to me bhraa sitting on a chair between the sky
and the earth, Fjtt him frightening even Hoyt to the ground, I came Khadija, I
told These words, These words, Dtheroni, and poured cold water on, Vdtrona and
poured cold water on, came down (O Amma Arise and warn and your Lord magnify
Thy purify and shun shun). And prior to impose prayer and then meaty revelation
and relay. These verses are start his peace be upon him a late prophecy by the
revelation, and include two types of commissioning with consequent statement.

The first type is assigned peace be upon him communication and warning,
and that in the verse: (Arise and warn) the meaning warned people from the
torment of Allah did not return what they where from error and delusion, and
worship is God Creator, involvement in self-attributes and rights and acts .

The second type Vtklifa peace be upon him apply the commands of God Almighty
and commitment in itself, to win so please God, and become like those who
believed in God, and in the rest of the verses quoted above,: (and Lord
magnify) means summed Baltazim, nor engage in that one others, and saying (and
your clothes purify) intended apparent from cleansing clothes and body, as it
is not for those who grow up God and stand in front of him to be unclean
Mstqdhira, and saying (and shun shun) means away from the wrath and anger of
Allah and His punishment, and that obedience and leave disobedience, saying:
(not Tmann Tcetkther) any charity you want to improve better in this world.

The last verse referring to inflict harm his people while Evargahm in debt, and
will invite them to God alone, he said: (Lord thy).

The descent of Gabriel to the Prophet

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him away from the people of Mecca because
they worshiped idols and go to the cave of Hira in a nearby mountain. He takes
with him his food and drink and stay in the cave for days. Speculates one who
created this universe ...
In the day of the month of Ramadan and while he was the Messenger of Allah keep
in mind the creation of the heavens and the earth Allah Almighty upon the angel
Gabriel, and said to the Prophet: "Read" said the Prophet peace be
upon him: "I am a reader," and he repeated it Jibril three times, and
was the Prophet peace God be upon him says every time: "I can not
read." The last time the king said Gabriel, peace be upon him: "Read
in the name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clot. Read and thy
Lord is Most Generous., Who taught by the pen. Anthropology did not know
And these verses were first down from the Koran. Remember the prophet
Mohammed peace be upon him said Jibril, peace be upon him.
Returned the Prophet, peace be upon him scared panic to his wife Khadija and he
was shaking and said to her: "Zjia, Zjia" (any Gtini). As calmed
himself and went with him fear he told his wife what he had seen and heard and
I reassured him and said to him: "preach my cousin, I hope to be a prophet
of this nation."
Prophet had reached the age of forty when he was sent down the Koran.

Call secretly

It is historically known that Mecca
was the center of the religion of the Arabs, and the servants of the Kaaba and
the organizers of the idols which were sacred to other Arabs at that time. The
message of Islam came and if the Mecca of what we are, and it was not wise, to
recite the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him by calling the beginning, and
the Arabs what they are traditions and customs which they inherited from their
parents. And there is a need for patience, perseverance and determination not
Tzlzelha calamities and disasters. So it is wise to be invited at the beginning
of her secret, so as not to be surprised the people of Mecca, including provokes them and raises
their diet ignorance to their gods and their idols.

He began Messenger peace be upon him introduced Islam first on the
people closest to him, and Olsqhm him, he called Al home and friends who know
and know it, he knows love of truth and goodness, and they know the truth and
goodness, answered from these collection known in Islamic history Balsabakan
first two, led by husband Prophet upon him the mother of believers God bless
them, and his master Zaid bin Haritha and his cousin Ali bin Abi Talib, friend
Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with them, the safest of them in the first day
of advocacy and Islam was a good omen to Islam and his call.

Then active Abu Bakr in the call to Islam, and was a man loved, his
creation and charity, he called from the trusts in secret, embraced Islam by
calling Uthman and Zubair bin Awam, and Abdul Rahman bin Auf, and Saad bin Abi
Waqas, and Talha bin Obaidullah God bless them.

And hurried every one of these to an invitation from reassure him and trusted
him, and he became Muslim on their hands a group of companions, who are all
stomachs Quraish, and these are the early former first who came mentioned in
the verse: {and former ancients of immigrants and supporters who Atbauhm
kindness, God bless them and they with Him (repentance: 100).
The people walk because they were more than forty Navarra. Aslam these
secret and the Prophet Muhammad, upon him meet them away from the eyes of
idolaters, Farushdhm and teach them what it came down from the Koran, and prove
the faith in their hearts.

The duration of the call secret has said more people walk she was three
years, and the fact that the call confidential at this stage does not mean that
had witnessed not reached Qureshi, has reached it did not bother her, and did
not Taaraa attention in the beginning, believing that Muhammad is one of those
Aldyanin who speak in divinity, and the worship of God alone, which they
inherited from Alhanifip religion of Abraham, peace be upon him, also making
Umayya ibn Abi Salt and pastor Ben assistance, and Amr ibn Neville and the
As began intense invitation promises and strengthens and polytheists
feared publicity had witnessed and stretch their impact, they took watched -
over time - her destiny, and they stood in the process afterwards.

The conclusion to say: the call of Islam summoned at the beginning of
her to be invited confidential, pending able her, to start announcing its
conclusion, that message based on lifting people from error and misguidance to
guidance and wisdom, to be attributed and a victory for believers and mercy to
the worlds and the truth of God says: {Say thanks God and His mercy that let
them rejoice is better than collecting} (Yunus: 58) and Praise be to Allah,
Lord of the Worlds
[/ B]

Pronouncing the call in the Quraish

The Islamic call at the beginning of her pursuing a secret Report mission, the
conditions summoned that case, and it continues on it for three years, and then
had to be for this call to announce her and go on their way, which came from
him, no matter received from the difficulties and hardship and rollback and
He ordered God messenger peace be upon him - has sent a messenger to all
people - that cracked the right, not afraid of God to anybody as long as he
said: (Himself will take care including commanded and introduce idolaters
(stone: 94) and told him to start pronouncing the invitation his family and
relatives, He said, addressing him {And warn your tribe kin} (poets: 214)
called Bani Hashim and with them built requirement, Ibn Abbas, may Allah be
pleased with them: what came down the verse {And warn your tribe kin} ascended
the Prophet peace be upon him-Safa and started shouting: ( My son Fehr, son
Uday - the stomachs of Quraish - until they met and started that he could not
come out sends a messenger to consider what news? Prophet peace be upon him: if
I told you that the horses Valley want to change you أكنتم
مصدقي? they said tried you
falsely, said I am a warner to you in the hands of suffering, Abu Lahab said to
him: Woe to you that why brought us together) Agreed.

Was this cry high communication indicating, and warning explicit goal,
which came from him, and the purpose for which live and die with, was between
peace be upon him and explained to the people closest to him that the
ratification of this letter is the only link between him and them, and
neurological kinship that ألفوها and defended it and Astmatwa in process, have no value and the
balance right, and that right deserving of being followed, Here is the stand
told his relatives - as was proven in modern agreed, saying: (O Abbas bin Abdul
Muttalib uncle Messenger of Allah do not sing about you from God something, my
descriptive aunt Messenger of Allah do not sing you anything before God, O
Fatima, daughter of the Messenger of Allah Slina what you want from Mali, do
not sing you anything from God).

It was not peace be upon him indifferent towards his call something, but
out loud right and cracked it does not twist the symptoms of wider, not paying
any attention to the mockery of mocked, but was part to Allah, the Lord of the
Worlds {say my prayer and my sacrifice and my dying to Allah} ( An'am: 162) was
the best means of pronouncing the word right {I invite unto Allah with sure
knowledge, I and whosoever follows me and Hallelujah and I am not of the
idolaters (Yusuf: 108). Has met the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him by his
position that the severity and anything wrong with the idolaters, who saw in
his call for a threat to what they are, Vtkalpoa against him discouraged him
from calling, and declared openly stand in the face, hoping finishing the right
that brought him {and Allah has ordered But most people do not know} (Joseph
He went on the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him on his way calls God
Mtlotfa in the presentation of the message of Islam, and revealing Mkhaza
pagan, and Mesfha dreams idolaters. Indeed, according God handful of his
relatives peace be upon him and his people to accept the truth and guidance
that he brought, and introduce the most about it , and set him enmity and
hatred, Vqrich had started from the first day in the way of fighting God and
His Messenger, intolerant of what familiarity of religion parents and
grandparents, as Allaah tells them for slander and denial and said: (and I
found our fathers on the nation and I am monuments guided} (decoration : 22).

And a conclusion to say: The loud call was pursuant to an order of God, and
standing duty, has crack Prophet peace be upon him the right as God wanted, and
met for this Declaration may know from enmity idolaters him and the believers
around him, and abused, but it was selling winner with God, and the consequence
was the Prophet peace be upon him, and believing him Vmlkua world and condemned
them, and guidance of Allah their people to the right path, and in the
Hereafter them Beautiful God Almighty, and ask God to pain religion and
supports close friends and exhibits Us released he listens and responds

Sell ​​the first obstacle

When it was pilgrimage next year - Year 12 of the prophecy - Twelve men,
including ten of the Khazraj and two-Aws, either ten of Khazraj five of them
are the ones who came in the past year is Jaber bin Abdullah bin Riab and five
others are: Maaz bin Harith ( Maaz bin Alla). Dhakwaan bin Abdul Qais. Ben
silent worship. Yazid bin alopecia. Abbas bin bin Ndilh worship and the two of
understanding ous: Abu al-Haytham bin التيهان. Auam Ben assistance. Met these Messenger
of Allah peace be upon him snag Mona, فعلمهم Islam, and said to them: Come Baaona not
to join none in God nothing, nor steal, nor Tznoa, do not kill your children,
do not come Bbhtan Frunh between your hands and feet, not Tasona in unknown. In
any of you reward on God, and hit something, Foukb in the world is the
expiation for him, and that befalls something فستره God, ordered him to God, willing punished,
if he wishes pardoned him, Fbayaoh on it.

The call of Islam in Yathrib: When they returned to Yathrib sent them
Musab bin Omair may Allah be pleased with him for Ikrihm Koran and Evqham in
religion, and got Musab bin Omair on Umaamah Asaad bin Zaraarah and active role
in the propagation of Islam, and while they were in the grove when he said
President Aws Saad bin Maaz Ibn uncle acid bin Hudayr: not the two men who came
Esfhan the Dafana Wiczgerhma, took acid حربته, and accept them when he saw the happiest
Musab said: This master of his people had when God comes to you Vasedk. The
acid stood on them, and said: What was dumb to us? Tesfhan Dafana? Aatzlana
that was also بأنفسكما need, said Musab: Ottcil hear a, the chosen order accepted,
though hated Kvva you what you hate and said: Onceft, focused حربته and sat, word
Musab Islam, and was followed by the Koran, Fasthassan acid Islam and embraced,
and saw testimony right. Then returned acid, and defrauded to send them Saad
bin Maaz, said to him: I spoke two men sure of what I saw them anything wrong,
has Nhihma they said do what I liked, and then said: There has been that the
children of Haritha took to Asaad bin Zaraarah to kill him, because I'm your
aunt, Verdun that Akhvrok. Saad was angry, and he them Mngaza, did him Musab
like what he did with the acid, Allah Fahadah to Islam, and he became Muslim
and saw right certificate, then returned to his people, he said: O Children of
Abdul Ashhal how do you know my situation you? Said master and أفضلنا
opinion. He said: The words of your men and your women are haraam until you
believe in Allah and His Messenger, what has become in them a man nor woman but
a Muslim and a Muslim, only one man named Aloasirm, delayed his conversion to
Islam to day one, then the safest and killed a martyr in the cause of God
before prostrate to God prostration. Returned Musab Bin Omair to Mecca ahead of the
pilgrimage holds the promise of such a victory.

Sell ​​second obstacle

In the pilgrimage season 13 years of prophecy made many people of Yathrib
Muslims and infidels, Muslims have decided not to leave the Messenger of Allah
upon him in Makkah during the days of cruising at night when people Aqabah.

When he came deadline slept in their own space with their people, even
if he went third of the night I took the slip, so one man and two men until
they met at Aqaba, three and seventy men Sixty-two of the Khazraj, and a
ten-Aws, and with two women: Nusseibeh girl heel of Bani Najjar, and Asma bint
Amr from Bani Salamah, there came to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him
and his uncle Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib, was the religion of his people, but I
would love to attend the command of his nephew and his Atothag.

The Abbas first spoke, he said to them: The Messenger of Allah peace be
upon him still at the height of his people and invincibility in his country,
the you can see that you and Lavon him including Dautamoh him and Manauh who
goes against, you are what you take from it and only it is now called him.

Speaker answered them - the Bara bin Ma'roor - said: We want loyalty,
honesty and make life without Messenger of Allah upon him TALK O Messenger of
Allah! Thigh for yourself and your Lord what I liked.

TALK messenger of Allah upon him Vtly Koran and called to God, and he wishes to
Islam and the condition of his Lord:

1 - to worship Him alone, not associating anything with Him.

The condition for himself and his Lord also said they told him the What
Nbayek? He said:

2 - on obedience in activity and laziness.

3 - and alimony in hardship and ease.

4 - and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

5 - and that you will of God, not God take you to anybody as long.

6 - that Tansrona if presented to you, and Tmanona what تمنعون him yourselves
and your wives and your children, and you paradise.

7 - In the novel of the cult: (Bayanah) that do not dispute his command.

He took his hand, may Allah bless him and Bara bin Ma'roor said: Yes, and who
sent you the right to Nmnek which prevent him أزرنا, Fbayana, we are God's sons war and the
people of the episode - any weapon - and inherited Capra capper. Interrupted
Abu Haitham bin التيهان said: O Messenger of God! That between us and the men ropes -
any covenants and links - and I boycotted, does Asit if we did it then Ozhrk
God be traced back to your people and let us? Vtbasm Messenger of Allah peace
be upon him and said: but blood and blood demolition demolition, I am of you
and you are me, fight fought Osalm of Salemtem. At this critical moment,
offering Abbas bin bin Ndilh worship and said: Do you know Allam Tbaaon this
man? Tbaaonh the war red and black people, the you believe you if Nhect money
calamity, and your auspices killed Oslmtamoh it now, it disgrace in this world
and the hereafter if you believe that you and Lavon him on Nhech money and
killed supervision Fajdhuh, he and God good in this world and the hereafter
said: I take him calamity funds, and killed supervision, what we so Yar Seoul
God! Said: Paradise. They said: the simplest
hand. Stretched his hand, and they have to Abayaoh, took his happiest bin
Zaraarah, said: Rueda O people of Yathrib! I did not hit him livers camels but
we know that the Messenger of Allah, and ejected today paradox Arabs all, and
killed your choice, and Tedkm swords, either you Tsberon it Fajdhuh, and reward
on God, and either you are afraid of yourselves wary فذروه, he excused you when God. They said: O
happiest! Omt us your hand, swear not vow allegiance nor Nstqilha, and they to
him a man and a man Bayaoh, and was happiest Ben Zaraarah is the first
Alambaiein the most likely words. But was told Abu Haitham bin التيهان. It
was: but Bara bin Ma'roor. The allegiance of the two women was a word without a

Twelve captain: After Allegiance asked the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon
him to get out of twelve captain are on them, and ensure responsibility for
them, when you depart nine of Khazraj, and three of Aws, the Khazraj

1 - Saad bin worship bin Dlam.

2 - Asaad bin Zaraarah ibn lentils.

3 - Saad bin bin Amr spring.

4 - Abdul Alllah bin Rawahah bin alopecia

. 5 - Rafi bin Malik bin Ajlan.

6 - Bara bin Ma'roor rock.

7 - Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-haram.

8 - bin silent worship bin Qais.

9 - Mundhir bin Amr bin خنيس.

The Aws understand:

10 - Acid bin Hudayr fishmonger.

11 - Saad bin Khaythamah bin Harith.

12 - Refaa bin Abd al-Mundhir

Bin Zubair - and said: Abu al-Haytham bin التيهان.

When told them selected Messenger of Allah upon him: You Qomkm including
guarantors, as security of the apostles of Jesus the son of Mary, and I sponsor
a nationalist, said: Yes. This is the sell second obstacle, and it was truly
the greatest allegiance and the most important in the life of the Prophet,
peace be upon him change the course of events and turning the dateline. As has
allegiance and almost people turn away discovered a demons, and shouted Bonfz
voice heard never, O people Alokhashb - houses - Are you in Muhammad, and Abbah
him, had met on your war, The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him swear by
God, O enemy of Allah to Otafrgn you, and ordered them to shake their own space
and slept until they became. And am Quraysh came to the tents people of Yathrib
to submit a protest to them, he said to detest: This is false news, he was not
of the thing, and minted Muslims, Vsedkt Quraish infidels and returned Khaipin.
Finally, make sure the Quraysh that the news is true, he sped Ersanhm to ask
the people of Yathrib, They knew Saad bin worship and Mundhir bin Amr when
Omakhr, either Mundhir Voadz people to escape, and the Saad they took him and
tied him and beat him and dragged his hair until they brought Mecca, Fajls
Restaurant bin Adi and Harith bin war, It was Leger two city Qualhma, and
supporters wanted to Kroa to Mecca as pollen they Saad coming, Frhaloua to the
city unharmed.


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